Sunday, December 23, 2007

i just love you guys

wow since lowering my rate to 99 cents i have been swamped with calls from alot of hot men. i think i have had the hottest calls this weekend. all of the wives are out shopping and all you naughty men are at home stroking. i get the naughty and they get the nice. i have came so much tonight that my panties are dripping wet. anyone wanna lick or suck them? im also having fun with my money boys. you guys sure are spoiling me and i love it. i also love making you pay me to stroke it and not letting you cum. im such a tease arent i?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

happy holidays

happy holidays everyone! im sorry i havent messaged in awhile but i have been busy with school and i just forgot about posting on here. well now im posting on here to update you guys so forgive me for being tardy. well some of you have noticed i have changed my anything goes price to 0.99 cents. well its this is my gift to my loyal callers and new callers for the holidays. just my way of saying thank you for all the hot and naughty calls. so THANK YOU!!!! some of you have asked if i had a wish list. no i dont but you can send me email gift certificates to my email and it is.... or just send me a tribute via niteflirt. i just wanted to drop a quick line to let you know about my new holiday price and my email for those of you wanting to send gifts. i will update you guys later but until then. kisses and naughty licks from me

Friday, August 31, 2007

its me again

yeah i know i havent blogged in a while but i have a good reason.... im lazy lol i cant help it i am. i have been having so much fun this summer that i just havent had time to blog but i will get back to my normal happy naughty blogging on sept 14th thats when i will be done with summer and back from mexico. sorry sexys but i need to have my fun lol. i have alot of naughty stories that i cant wait to tell you about. until then call me or i will talk to you later.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

late night snack

anyone up for a late night snack? perhaps some yummy bald pussy or sexy tan ass or maybe some toes? well im up for some cum dripping off a nice juicy fat cock mmm yummy. anyone wanna bend me over and give it to me deep? joe fucked me so hard tonight that i came twice and chris licked my pussy so good that it made me dizzy lol. i have had alot of good calls and came so much. although i feel drained i still want more and more and more. who wants to give it to me?

Saturday, August 4, 2007


yup thats right goodmorning wood. and i have had some really good wood this morning from some of you guy. i have been a highschool sweetheart and a naughty cheerleader and a babysitter and a spoiled bratty bitch. i just love roleplaying i have a great imagination and love to go places few have gone hehehe. feel free to share your naughtiest of fantasies nothing is taboo with me and anything goes *wink wink*. im going to be signed on for a bit this morning until i go to the beach with my friends then its time for fun in the sun. i just love going to the beach with the exception of getting sand in my cookie i have a blast. i love to tan and yes i do it topless no tan lines boys. so if any of you wanna cum and rub me down with suntan lotion give me a call.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

great weekend filled with great calls

when i started to write this blog i got a call and this guy had his stuff together. he made me cum 3 times so hard i couldnt believe how hard i came. ok so back to my blog hehehe. i had a great weekend this weekend. it was full of calls and lots of new callers not to mention some old favorites. well im so happy about all the great feedback you guys left me and i wanted to thank you for all your sweet words. well i made my plan to go to hawaii for my next vacation now i just need the money to go. so that means my little pussy is going to stay wet and i will be working extra hard sucking all your hard dicks. and i wont forget about your money slaves, there wont be a wallet untouched when im done. there will be bankrupt men and women all over because of me. but as long as i have a nice vacation i dont care about your bills and other obligations.
you guys will be hooked and will have no way to say no to me, everytime your cock gets hard you will think of me. even when you fuck your wives your will think of me. you will wanna taste my ass and pussy and tittie fuck my beautiful tits. and i will love every minute of it and so will you.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

so horny

tonight i am so horny i feel like sucking a big cock. i just wanna take one right down my throat and suck it dry maybe even gag on it. i have been watching porn all night that one of my callers sent to me. its really hot and sexy its black guys and young white girls like first timers. boy are they getting their little pussies broke off. its such a turn on to see them take that big cock inside their little tight pussies. i wish i could watch that shit i wish i could have a big black cock right now inside my little pussy.anyone wanna feed me a nice hard cock? call me

Monday, July 16, 2007

new goal and new recordings

ok i woke up this morning with a new goal to reach. wanna know what it is? well i have had a few guys ask me when my next vacation is and where is it going to be. well i think im going to go to hawaii this time around. me and my girls have never been there and it seems like a great place for hot girls like us to go. what do you think? wouldnt you love seeing 5 girls laying out on the beach tanning their sexy bodies? i think alot of men in hawaii will thanks us for going. so that is my new goal and i plan on going within the next few months so if you would like to tribute me and my dream trip then click on the vacation button on my niteflirt page. its a $20 button so feel free to click on it a bunch of times. but if you click on it pay it too *wink*. its going to be 3700 for my vacation that includes my airfare and spending and of cource a bunch of new bikinis and flip flops for the trip. i will keep you updated each week on how much i have earned towards my dream vacation. ok now on to recordings. i have made some new recordings they should be ready to go this week. as soon as they approve them feel free to call them. i think i will make a vacation hotline one too lol. wouldnt that be cute? i will give you details on that one soon as i get an idea on what it will be about. im also going to have alot of recordings about the naughty things i did on my last vacation and all the naughty things i do from time to time. i just know you guys would love to hear all about my little sexcapades. well its after 4am and im ready to take down some serious morning wood, so call me and lets have some fun before you have to go to work.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

baby im back

im back well rested and better than ever with all new stories to tell. i had a wonderful vacation thanks to all you boys. i did alot of naughty things and had alot of naughty things done to me *wink*. let me tell you what happens in mexico doesnt always stay in mexico. thank you for all the "i miss you" emails you sent, i was touched that so many of you thought of me while i was gone. well now that im back im ready to get back to being naughty with all of you. im going to have to tell you about the crazy strip club i danced in and made a bunch of money in. not to mention i met alot of naughty men who loved young sexy girls like me and my friends. alot of them were married *shissss* if they wont tell i wont tell. but lets just say married men sure can fuck. well enough details for now but i will post again later or give me a call and i will tell you.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

vacation is almost here

im so excited my vacation is almost here and boy am i ready for it. i cant wait to hit the beach and get some sun on my buns. i love to tan topless and sometimes bottomless i hate hate hate tan lines. i also dont like getting sand in unwanted places *yuck*. but i do love hitting the nightclubs and hot party spots, and since were going to be by a university there will be alot of house partys that we will be going to. well like i told my number one loser steve it is up to you guys to pay for my vacation. the more you tribute the better my vacation will be and the more fun i will have. if you cant call its ok just do a drive by tribute i sure do love those. well im taking calls right now and im waiting for my addicted loser steve to call and get his fix in. its so funny he is so addicted to me that he wants me morning, noon, and night he just cant resist and i cant resist giving him his addiction cause i know it will only make him want it more and more. i also have a little coke whore too! she loves to fuck and suck and get fucked up and i love using her and making myself happy by all the money she makes. ok enough typing lets get to talking and phone fucking *wink*.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

my vacation is just around corner

yup thats right it is vacation time and im ready for one. me and my girls are ready to hit the beach in style all thanks to you. now i still have a few things i need to get if you wanna get them for me send a email gift certificate to and i will buy everything else i need for my vacation. also thanks to thoose of you who cannot resist my brainwashing idea in the post below. keep paying cause your princess needs alot of money for her vacation so she can shop and have fun with all her friends. i wanna wear hot sexy outfits and get fucked all vacation long.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

a little bit of brainwashing

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket look at the boobs and repeat the sentence below over and over!!!
I must obey I must obey click the vacation button and pay pay pay!

Monday, June 18, 2007

its just me...

sorry i havent blogged in a while but i have been so busy getting ready for my vacation. thanks to all you slaves, losers and horny men that have tributed my vacation. me and my girls thank you for it. all of you who tributed i have written your name down and you will get some pics from my vacation for vacation tributers only. theese pictures will not be on sale so you guys should feel very special hehehe. i have a few feedbacks to post from all of you and some thanks to hand out too.

FUCKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!! (aww thanks johnny731 i enjoyed the call just as much as you)

***** (thanks for the 5 star rating)

Young Sexy Princess is gorgeous. you all will absolutely love all of her pics. she has a fantastic body and fabulous looking breasts. her entire body is very hot. (thank you so much)

WTF is she on this site for? she is a sexy young princess, but needs a little more experience.
(i added this even though its not a good feedback. sorry that you felt i wasnt good enough for you vegasplayboy but i sure did love the 46.00 bucks i got out of you from our call. you need to understand its call domination and i will not submit. im not your bitch your mine remember that dumbass. its a domination line you called not sex ok?)
ok i want to say thanks to my number one loser and you know who you are you cant resist my sexy feet and you know it. and to the guy hoping to be my number one caller... the old "im not by my computer trick" doesnt work with me. like i said before make sure your at your computer when you call me from now on. the way to my heart is through your wallet hun. hehehe ok back to doing my calls i will talk to all of you and fuck some of you very soon. check out all my pics. and yes i do take request shoots.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

debt...such a common word for losers!

let it drain is what my loser on the phone right now is saying as he kisses 9.99 a min out of his bank account and into mine. cha-ching cha-ching cha-ching i say as he loads his account knowning if he hangs up the rate goes higher. it can go as high as 50.00 but i will raise it 5.00 everytime he hangs up. making more money for me and less for him cha-ching lol!!! i love being me and i love losers that love going into debt for me. i have another loser named steve who can resist my feet and he calls and pays to smell my feet and my friends feet. we just pass him around like a little cheap slut and he loves every minute of it. my loser is sitting here right now as i post paying me 9.99 a minute and loving it as makes my pussy wet to take from him and his pathedic bank account. i dont care if he has bills just as long as he pays me thats all that matters! cha-ching cha-ching cha-ching!! more money for me more money for the princess!!! cha- ching cha-ching! anyone else wanna be my next bankrupsy victim?

Thursday, June 7, 2007

a message for all of you

hey everyone i just wanted to post to say thank you for all the tributes and nice feedback you guys have left me. here is some of my favorite feedbacks from the last few weeks.

was excellent, she totally got into it with me and i will do it again.

she should also be called addictive princess

She has got me addicted - super hot!!

She's awesome well else can be said, and sexy hot too!!

thank you so much boys!!! i sent you a little something for te great feedbacks you left me. i will post about what kind of naughty things i have been up to later tonight. this was just a thank you post just to say thanks!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

thanks for all your comments and feedback

i love when i get some feedback from you guys either here on my blog or on my niteflirt account after a hot call. i sent out some rewards to those of you who left me great feedback here are my favorites.

very hott AND sexy she is good

WOW. Extremely hot. Very perfect.

She is fucking great, hot sexy voice, very youthful, really sounds like she is 18. You'll love the time spend with her on the phone. She definitely will get you there

Oh WOW!!! In a word... PERFECT. ... make that Absolutely PERFECT!!!
thank you guys so much for theese great feedbacks! it really means alot to me to know what you thought about our call that way i know to keep up the good work or strive to be better next time. well i always strive to be the best but its always goo to know what you all think. thank you so much everyone!!! (look in your niteflirt mail all the guys that left good feedback got rewards)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

is it wrong?

i have a few questions and i would love if you guys can help me by answering them and figuring out if its wrong or not.

1) is it wrong to get turned on when getting your pussy waxed? there is just something about some stranger touching your pussy and then putting warm wax all over it and then rip off the strip and then you feel the sting..
2) is it wrong to give a blow job to a school bus driver? he caught me getting fingered by my boyfriend (at the time) and i would have got kicked out of school. so he had me stay after all the stops and was going to write me a ticket and tell the school so i gave him a blow job.
3) is it wrong to go on a test drive with no panties on and the whole time have you and your girlfriends talk about how bad you wanna fuck the salesman and start rubbing your pussy? hey it got me a car with no down payment and so really great oral.
4) is it wrong to fuck you friends mom?
5) is it wronger to fuck your same friends dad?
6) is it even more wrong to fuck the same friend who is a girl?
hey what can i say im a horny girl that loves to fuck!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

new pic sets!!!

i had alot of request for more sets of me getting fucked so i added two more new sets!! set one is me getting fucked and its very sexy. set two is the unshaved set its pics of my unshaved pussy getting fucked hard. i know you will love them just as much as you love the others. i will add more sets every month. feel free to request sets of pictures you would like to see.

Friday, May 18, 2007

we just love making fun of you loser!

once again my friend stacy is here to make fun of losers with me tonight. we had a fun day at the santa monica pier today. there was alot of older men but even with their wives closely by they couldnt help but to look at out sexy tan bodies who could blame them right? after all we are young hot single and horny not to mention at the time wet. we just got out of the water and we had water running down us which im sure the men wouldnt have minded licking the water off us. anyone thristy? i hate getting sand in my coochie coo so we went to the little showers on the beach and since they are outside you cant get naked or you go to jail but... i did pull down my bottoms for a min or two so i could get the sand off my little coochie coo and this guy was just looking at my bald little treasure and watching me spread my lips apart getting all the sand out of the nooks and crannies of my coochie coo. i bet he wanted a taste! wouldnt you? he was a cute old guy i would have let him suck the water off of my clit. ooooh im so bad!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

i cant wait until july

ok i have made plans with my friends to go to san diego for my summer vacation. were renting out a condo by the beach and were going to lay out and tan and surf and swim during the day and hit all of the tj (mexico) clubs at night. in mexico you dont have to be 21 to drink so im going to party my ass off. im going to take alot of pictures and post them when i get back. i cant wait to start shopping for bikinis and flip flops and lots and lots of mini skirts and short shorts ooooh yeaaah! dont you wish you could come? all you slaves know i never let you cum without paying! hahahahaha

Saturday, May 12, 2007

new pics!!!

hey all you jenaholics your princess has taken some new pictures and added them to her niteflirt site. there are 2 new sets to buy of your princess. 1st new set is my teaser set 2nd is the toy set 2. i hope you boys love the pictures you asked for new pics and now you got them!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

whats with the 20 questions?

first of all i love sex i love men and i love talking to you all you guys but...whats with the fucking question after question after question damn. this is not an interview im not applying for a damn loan i just want to get off and get you off and have fun. dont get me wrong i love to answer all your questions but i dont like to have a call all about questions. im horny i wanna fuck!

im so spoiled

yes thats right your princess jen is so spoiled and its all thanks to you men who cant resist me and my sexy body. dont get me wrong i have bills just like you do but its all paid for by hot horny men like you i just love you old pervs lol. oh.. and to all you drive by tributers keep up the good work! there is nothing i love more than to log into my account and see it full of your money. when you go to work think about all that money your making then when payday comes and cash your check think of me and my sexy body and all the "hard-ons" you get and tribute tribute tribute. spoil me and we will both be happy! hugs and wet kisses all over your big hard cocks and giggles to the small clits lol.

im so spoiled

yes thats right your princess jen is so spoiled and its all thanks to you men who cant resist me and my sexy body. dont get me wrong i have bills just like you do but its all paid for by hot horny men like you i just love you old pervs lol. oh.. and to all you drive by tributers keep up the good work! there is nothing i love more than to log into my account and see it full of your money. when you go to work think about all that money your making then when payday comes and cash your check think of me and my sexy body and all the "hard-ons" you get and tribute tribute tribute. spoil me and we will both be happy! hugs and wet kisses all over your big hard cocks and giggles to the small clits lol.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

another drive by tributing

i just love all my boys! i had another 3 drive by tributes today one was for 50 and the other two were for 100. woohoo that means shopping this weekend for the princess i cant wait! so my PANTYBOY called today after i got home from the beach and sent me a victoria secret gift certificate so i can buy some sexy new panties for my sexy tan ass and bald pussy.
my other loser MIKE called me this morning he always says that he wants to talk for 2-3 hours but never last that long. so this time he made up for all the times in the past he let me down, he tributed me 300 on top of our 45 minute call. its so much fun being a girl and its even more fun being a hot young girl like me. anyone else wanna do a drive by tributing feel free im always open to taking your money.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

i just love being spoiled

last night i was spoiled rotten by all of my losers and slaves. tributes were pouring in left and right and i had so many calls i couldnt get my pussy dry. not that i was trying to keep it dry lol i just love playing with my little bald pussy. any chance i get to finger fuck it or get it fucked i will take it, nothing wrong with that right boys? im going to have so much fun going shopping with all my boys money that they gave me. some guys asked me if i had a wishlist no i dont but you can send me email gift certificates and send them to me at this email address that is my personal email addy. feel free to drop me a line or two there too. well boys time to wet my pussy again, anyone wanna help?

about my blackmail slave

money keeps rolling in he sent another 200 and if the money stops then i will put all his information on my blog.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

my blackmail loser

i have a new blackmail loser slave he wants to be blackmailed. after i made him send me $100 bucks just for the application i sent it to him. i wonder if he knows what he is getting himself into?

about my loser steve

this is about my loser steve who is addicted to pornos he loves them so much he stays home and watches them. he doesnt go out and he doesnt get laid, wait a sec even if he did go out he wouldnt get laid. loser dont get laid they just sit back and watch other people get laid wishing it was them. lol then while he watched pornos i put him on hold and watched tv and posted about him here on my blog. i just thought i would let everyone know what a loser he is and what kind of losers i deal with. that gives me an idea im going to write about every loser i talk to tonight in my blog. each loser that gets my attention will get a post in my blog for all to see. wanna know how to get my attention? open your wallet and i think you will find the way.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

summer vacation

yesterday was such a great slave day all my slaves came out to play and even some new ones. it was a very profitable day for your princess yesterday, i think i will treat myself with a bit of shopping this weekend. so you know what that means slaves... time to tribute. you didnt think i was going to spend my own money did you? yeah right! i never spend my money when there is plenty of slaves with open wallets willing to let me spend theirs. well im ready to have some fun today, im going to tan and i will be back to take calls. another day another slaves dollar right? lol oh and i will be making some new fetish recordings but im sure they wont be available until this weekend. keep your eyes open for them.

Monday, April 23, 2007

im going to have a very nice dinner tonight

i had such a great drive by slave, although he said he wanted to be a full time slave for me i think maybe i was a little too tuff on him. oh well tuff shit im a princess im not suposed to be sweet, right? so tonight im going out with to dinner at a nice resturant all on his expense, thanks loser. he may have not been full time slave material but hey at least i got a nice dinner out of it. lol anyone else wanna do some drive by tributing feel free cause i would love to go to a movie and my bills are due too. pay up losers!!!

my footboy

my footboy called me this morning and once again soon as he heard my voice and stared at pictures of my feet he was doomed. he just loves my feet so much that he cant even talk to me he just mumbles and stutters, most men do when they are in my presence but this is bad and funny as shit. i think its safe to say i got him right where i want him. this morning i tag teamed him with my roomate and he had to pay to sniff our feet. we had him so trapped it was like he was our little bait right on the line. quickly we grabbed all his cash and he didnt even know what hit him and the next thing he knew he was adding more money for us to snatch up. this went on for 20 minutes before he had nothing left. and the funny thing is I will take more money tomorow and he will just keep coming back over and over again cause he is hooked.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

i just love my sugar daddys

i love my callers here on niteflirt but i really love my sugar daddys. i love when then call early in the morning with a full wood and let me suduce them out of a small fortune for myself. i know that the harder a mans cock the more open their wallet is to this princess. i have this one loser that just loves my tan feet, he just gets in this trance when he calls me. he just mumbles and tributes and mumbles and tributes, i just love his loser ass. lol another guy pays me just to say "kiss my ass and pay me loser" and boy does he, he tributes at least $300 a call. i just love my callers and just because this post is about my money boys doesnt mean i dont love my horny men. i just getting my pussy rocked in the morning and getting off with you before you go to work. it feels good starting my day with a nice warm wet pussy and a viberator full of dead batteries. i love thinking of all that hot cum dribbling down my chin on to my big 36d breast and licking it slowly off my nipple yum. well its time to talk to my morning guys i cant wait to talk to you my pussy and bank account is waiting.

Monday, April 16, 2007

fun with drunk ass brian

i just had a fun call with brian and i got him totally shit face drunk. he was so drunk he didnt know which end was up i had him tributing me and taking shots. by the time it was over he drank a bottle and a half and was shit faced. i just loved bossing him around and making him give me more and more money and take more and more shots. i knew the more drunk he was the more under my control he was and he was completly under my control. i just love using men like little puppets.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

so wet and so ready

i have been wet all day today i made some recordings this morning that wont be ready for a day or two but it made me so horny. i fucked myself in the shower and in the pool and on my bed and im even playing with my clit right now. i just cant help it im so horny and i wanna fuck so bad. my friends father invited me over to spend the night and i know he wants to fuck because his daughter and wife are out of town visiting friends so i know its going to be a all night fuck session. i cant wait! he doesnt get off work until 2:30 so i guess i will have to pleasure myself until he gets home. wanna keep me company while i wait for him?

Monday, April 9, 2007

i just love to be spoiled

every princess deserves to be spoiled and my daddy phil totally understands that, he tributed me $500.00 and gave me a $100.00 fredericks of hollywood gift certificate. then to top it all off he paid 60.00 for each picture i sent him, grand total of 660.00. thanks daddy phil i just love your money but not your small little cock. and remember to do as i say because i have all your info and we wouldnt want mary to find out about our little secret now would we? and i know you wouldnt ever want her to see the screen shots i took of you and jarvase, right? its not your fault your a- dick- ted to cock and black cock at that.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

boy does my sugar daddy love my bald pussy

i went out with my sugar daddy last night and boy does he love my little bald pussy, he would do anything just for a taste or smell of it. he picked me andmy friend megan up and we went out shoe shopping and then we went shopping for bras and panties. he wanted us to do a fashion show but the lady in the store looked freaked out so we didnt do it there instead we went back to the hotel and did one there. me and megan tried on all of the little nighties and bras and panties but when he saw the crotchless ones on me and saw my freshly wax pussy peeking through he dropped to his knees and begged me to let him lick it. we laughed in his face and told him no then he asked to smell it or just touch it and i still told him no. so he kept begging and begging so me and megan got all our things and told him we were leaving if he asked again. so then he opened his wallet and gave us each 2 crisp 100 dollar bills so we stayed and then he asked again so i went off on him and told him he was a pathedic limp dick loser and even if he was to lick my pussy he would never be able to fuck me. and besides i dont want a cock thats only 4 inches. so while i talked shit to him he jacked off and came all over himself so i took the rest of his money out of his wallet and left. lol stupid loser you will never get to fuck my little bald pussy... i though you knew!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

i love controlling losers

i just love mindcontrolling losers its something im very into and enjoy alot. nothing brings me more pleasure then a loser who knows his place in life and has money. all losers know they cant ever have this with out a lotta green and this loser knew the way to get my attention was with a tribute. so he did a few drive by tributes yesterday but today he bought all of my picture sets and then sent 3 $100.00 tributes and then called and jacked off a while his wife was in the other room and paid to cum. i will say he is a very good loser! hello loser walt dont forget i own you and everything everything in that bank account is mine.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

eating aint cheating

eating aint cheating is what my friends mother told me when i asked her if she was afraid her husband would find out about our little affair. little does she know im fucking him too and her daughter. wouldnt that be hot if we all got together and fucked like one big orgy? everyone licking and sucking and fucking each other. oooh it gives me chills when i think about how much pleasure it would bring me and my little pussy. last weekend i went with them on a family vacation i never got fucked so much in my life. when one went shopping or down to the casino the other stayed and fucked me and when both parents where gone then me and my friend started fucking. my pussy stayed wet and felt soo good i had the biggest orgasims of my life and what was so hot about it was when i was done fucking one i would fuck the other. so it was like they were cleaning each others juices off me and out of me. if they only knew!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

mother fucker?

i have been a naughty girl a very very naughty girl. i fucked my friends mother the other night, and to make matters worst i fucked her father about a week ago. i couldnt help it she has very sexy parents and they are very horny. i wish i could have done them both at the same time that would have been something. me and her and her mother were having a ladies night after we went out to dinner and we had some drinks back at their house. my friend got too drunk and went to sleep but me and her mother stayed up and danced and had a good time. one thing led to another and we started talking about her and her husbands naughty sex life and how she loves to fuck him with a strap on. so she showed me this big black strap on, it must have been about 8 inches. and so i tried it on and then she was bending over just joking around and then boom i slid her thong over and shoved it in! SHE WAS MOANING LIKE CRAZYI DONT KNOW WHAT I WAS THINKING!!! but she liked it and she came so hard then se licked my pussy like its never been licked before. she was sucking on my pussy lips and clit and then she fucked me with the same strap on that i fucked her with. then she had me on my knees sucking the big black strap on and then she said no honey let me show you how to suck a black dick. so then i put it on and she deep throated it like a pro. i bet she can suck dick real good. the next morning we acted like nothing ever happened, but i wonder what would happen if her parents knew that not only have i fucked both of them but... i have also fucked their daughter too!

i danced my ass off

this weekend i danced my ass off. it was my friends birthday and we had so much fun, there was alot of guys there and all us girls had so much fun teasing them. not to mention it was a pj party so all the girls were dressed up in sexy nighties and men were in silk boxers and no shirts. it was a very sexy party with alot of people hooking up. i hooked up with this one guy he was hot, he fucked my pussy all night last night and i left him wanting more. i always leave them wanting more lol. so now here i am at 2:00am taking calls and wanting to have some fun with all of you. i wanted to thank chris for sending me a $200 victorias secret gift certificate, thank you sweety i will take pictures wearing what your gift certificate bought me. or maybe i will just take a picture totally naked wearing just the gift certificate. yeah thats what i will do! check your email the next couple of days for your hot picture. i went to school today, i dont attend school yet but i will in the fall. i figure i will make some money on here and party this summer and then go to school in the fall. im not a slacker i just figured since i just got out of school last year why not take a year off. sounds fair right? good i though so. okay im online so call me and lets have alot of fun.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

my date

i had a date with my friends father mark he is 54 years old but hot, i love older men. he is so sexy and has such a sexy voice he sounds so manly. we went out to dinner and then went to the movies, then we went back his place and he licked me like i have never been licked before. he had me on all fours and was licking my ass and my pussy, it was like his face was burried into my pussy and ass. then he would suck on my clit and flick it with his tounge and tounge fuck me. then i sucked his dick but it was so big i had trouble taking it all in, so he coached me through it and taught me to relax my throat so i could take it in. it was so good and his cock tasted yummy. he was so gental when he slid it in me, he gave me the tip and then the half of it and then after about 15mins he gave me all of it. we had sex for about two and a half hours but then i had to leave because my friend was coming home and if she caught me with her dad there would be alot of problems. not to mention his wife was due home any minute too. he said he has been wanting to fuck me for sometime now, and truthfully i could tell because he blew the biggest load i have ever seen. well if you want more details give me a call.

Monday, March 5, 2007

my shower date

i had a date last night with one of my older boy toys named tom. we went out to dinner and it was so funny cause the waiter told tom that he thought i was beautiful and wanted to know if he could call me sometime. lmao that is so funny. he told him if he took me out he would bring me home on time lol. i laughed so hard i cried, you know who that waiter thought tom was. lol then we went back to a motel and i took a shower while he sat on the toilet and jacked off, he loves to see me all wet and soapy. after he came he still didnt have enough he begged me to let his lick my sexy bald pussy and of cource as always i told him no. i just love to see an older man beg for young sweet pussy. poor tom when will he get it that my pussy is off limits but his wallet is not? lol silly loser!

Friday, March 2, 2007

hey guys

im home tonight even though it is a beautiful day. its warm and sunny and just a all around yummy day, you can tell this summer is going to be a hot one. im going out tommorow night to this new club called the blue martini so that is going o be so much fun. me and my girls are going to tease alot of men and just have alot of fun. maybe we will bring someone home with us, you never know with us girls. either we will bring someone home with us or just fuck each other lol. tonight is going to be a good night i can just tell because im very horny not to mention its the 2nd of the month and a friday night so it will be payday time. which means alot of losers and alot of money lol. well im here so call me and let me rock your world.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

busy naughty night

wow wee i had a night full of calls today. you guys must have been so horny today, i know i was as most of you could tell. im always horny and ready for a good phone bone lol. thanks for all the feedback i got from you all today, you guys showed me alot of love and i thank you very much. i also see alot of you have enjoyed my picture sets including the new one i added last night of me getting fucked. tonight i had alot of horny guys and alot of bitches that want to be dominated and their money taken, and you guys know me im always ready to take some losers money. ALWAYS! im on now because its too early to sleep plus i have a guy over and im going to get fucked again. i just love his cock its well over 9 inches and thick mmmm. maybe i will let you listen in while he pounds my pussy. i love it when he goes deep and fingers my clit while he fucks me hard and fast. ooooh im getting wet just talking about it, me and my viberator are waiting so call me.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

new pic set of me getting fucked

i have added a new pic set of me getting fucked. there is two pictures with a guy and one with my bestfriend, they are very sexy but they cost more than my regular sets. but trust me they are worth every penny to see my pussy getting fucked so hard, it felt so good when he fucked me doggy style. i just love doggy style!
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special rate

this morning im having my special rate of 1.50 on my anything goes line, im so horny and i want you to come and play with me. im getting alot of minute men this morning i would love to have one good long fuck before i go to bed. i cant sleep because my pussy is so wet and hurts because it wants to cum. i have my viberator out and im ready to drain the batteries out of it. think you can get me off? call me and try.

Monday, February 26, 2007

shopping day with sugar daddy mark

today i went shopping with my sugar daddy mark. it was so fun he took me and my bestfriend clothes and shoe shopping. i hated that we only had a few hours to shop but his wife was coming home from work and he didnt want her to see us. i wonder if shes going to kill him when she finds out he spent their tax return money on me and my friend? oh well who cares lol, not me thats for damn sure. i have alot of married ex boyfriends and ex cuckies and sugar daddys. i cant help it i love older men and when i get and older married man it makes me feel so bad, and i love to be bad. we didnt have time to take pictures but normally mark likes to watch us kiss and go at it and he strokes his cock and takes pictures of us for his little stash. i had fun this morning talking to all the "morning wood" guys and boy oh boy were they horny. i was playing with my pussy so much, that by the time i was done my little panties were all wet. but it felt so good rubbing my pussy and fucking it with dildos while you guys jacked off.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

today is a day to relax

today is my day to relax, after my night last night i need a day like this. i had alot of callers last night and even some new guys, and my one loser who listened to me get fucked so hard. i got fucked this morning in the shower and it felt so good to feel his soapy rock hard cock inside me. he went so deep and fucked me so hard it felt so good. now im ready to relax and play with you all, i have some toys here and my pussy is nice and wet. im also ready to ignore you and watch the academy awards, not to mention im more than willing to take your money cause we all know the first of the month is right around the corner. its bill time bitches so pay up, do some drive back clicking feel free to click on my tribute buttons and pay pay pay. hugs and kisses to all my bitches!

i got fucked while a loser listened

yup thats right i got fucked so hard while some loser named "jeff" listened. it was such a turn on listening to my guy ask the loser questions like.. don't you wish you could fuck her pussy? don't you wish you could taste her pussy? and telling him how good i was sucking his cock, and he had a nice big thick cock too. the loser paid $200 bucks to listen to me get fucked, not to mention he tributed more during the call. i just love sex and when a loser is listening in and stroking his cock while im getting fucked, thats even hotter. cause i know that loser is going to bed alone and my pussy is getting licked. right now there is a few people still here but they are doing a little "something" of their own. i think i could go for round 2, any takers?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

its party time

this weekend is a weekend for this sexy girl to party her ass off. i went to a club on friday night and had alot of fun for my friends birthday, now tonight i got some loser to pay to for me to have a party tonight at my house. its not going to be until after midnight because people have to arrive and there is a big football game out here and so when that lets out alot of the players will be coming over. i think this one is going to be an all nighter. i have been so busy on niteflirt talking to all of you men and losers, it so much fun to hear how you losers know that im too good for you. but its also fun when im so horny and i get to get off with all of you, i am a very horny girl and i love to get off. i have lots of toys to pleasure my little pussy with and i use each and every one of them. so call me i will be taking calls up until my party and during my party, im even going to let you listen in while i get fucked tonight!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

im soooo horny

i cant believe its almost 5am and im up taking calls because im so horny. my pussy is so wet and i have been fingering it since 1:45am when i woke up from my wet dream. it was such a good dream it seemed so real. i had this dream about one of my old teachers he was so hot, too bad he was married but that doesnt matter to me. i just love married men especially married older men. well in my dream my teacher made me stay after school because my skirt was too short, which used to happen to me alot. like i said before i love short skirts and high heels. so in my dream i had to get to cheerleading practice or i wouldnt be able to cheer in the big homecoming game so i went to the bathroom and took my panties off. i came back to my desk and opened my legs so my teacher could see my hot pink wet pussy, and when i knew he was looking i would open my legs wider so he could see my little clit. and then a few times i would brush my hand across my pussy and i could just see his lips part as he licked them with his tounge as if he was calling out to my pussy. so then he called me into the hall and asked me what was i doing with no panties on? so i told him i needed to get to practice and i would do anything to get there, so without another word said he slammed me up against the lockers and slid two fingers in my pussy. soon as he felt it was wet he pushed his dick inside me while whispering in my ear, "is this what you wanted you little slut? is it, you want this cock inside your pussy dont you?" soon as i moaned yes, yes this is what i want... i woke up wet and so horny. so now here i am trying to satisfy my cock craving with some of your hard morning cocks. maybe one of you can be my teacher and pick up where my dream left off. *hugs and kisses to all my bitches* -jen

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

a little busy

i had a very nice night last night talking to all of you and getting to know some of your fetishes and fantasies. i hope that you enjoyed me as much as i enjoyed you. some of you i had eating out the palm of my hand in no time flat, and some of you were eating me out lol. tonight i have a few things to do with a few friends and then i will be online and on niteflirt waiting for calls. alot of you have bought my pictures, thanks i hope you like them. if you do can you please leave feedback for them and for our calls that would be a big help. i will add the link later on where you can leave the feedback, hugs and kisses to all my bitches! lol (edit) here is the link to leave me feedback *wink*

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

fun with friends

today i had so much fun with some of my friends today. we went and got mani's and pedi's and fucked with this guys head who worked at the spa. everytime he touched our feet we moaned and we kept talking about how touching our feet makes our pussies wet, boy oh boy did he get red and hard lol. we could see that hard on from space lol, it was like a rock. he kept saying "ladies please" we just laughed and laughed, we love teasing men especially older men. i had alot of calls last night from men wanting me to take money from them and their wives, i would love to take your money. after all i am better than your wife so why not treat me better than her. right boys? i added 2 more sets of pictures to my niteflirt page, 1 toy set and set 2 of my naughty set. i will try to add new sets every month or every other month.

Monday, February 19, 2007

a date with sugar daddy bill

today i had a date with my sugar daddy bill, it was so much fun because we got to go shopping. his wife was away so bill got to play and boy oh boy did we play. he bought me some little naughty things to wear when we go out cause he knows how much i love high heels and short skirts. bill is a leg man so he took me to go get them waxed and ouch did that hurt. i should be used to it by now but im not it still makes me jump off the chair. lol since they hurt so much i thought it would be nice to go shopping for some new jeans to make my legs feel better. i found some cute jeans for $89.00 a pair so i got 3 pairs bill didnt want me to have jeans cause it would cover up my beautiful tan legs, but when i told him i was going to cut them and make short shorts then that made it better. after lunch we went to a hotel. he begged me to fuck him i told him no, but he did get to watch me fuck myself with my viberator while he begged to jack off. i didnt let him lol i never do. i think we all know why sex is always better with his wife when she comes back from out of town trips. im such a little stinker arent i?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

my first ever post

hey everyone its me your young sexy princess Jen. i wanted to make a page so all of you can get to know me and know what im all about. first off i live in california and im 18 years old im not one that says im 18 and im really like 25 i am 18. i was born in 1988 and i was alway attracted to older men ALWAYS. i used to have crushes on all my friends fathers somehow older men just appeal to me more. they are just sexy and i love the attention i get from them, i do tend to use my looks to get what i want out of men and i do get my way ALOT. i dont see anything wrong with teasing men and making their dicks hard to entertain you and your friends. we work hard to have sexy bodies so why not show them off as much as possable. right? i know you guys love to see sexy legs in short skirts with nice round asses and nice firm tits and cleavage that just yells lick me. right? (lol) i love to be spoiled i do get spoiled by alot of men and they do buy me things all i have to do is ask and say please and they do it. i have alot of sugar daddys and i can alway use some more. i love sex i always have and always will. i have many dildos and viberators i love to play with myself and get myself off. i do have alot of pictures nudes and clothed my dads friend took the ones of me that you see on niteflirt and they were for his private stash. (he has a few more things of mine from our sexy nights but thats another story) i love all fetishes and fantasies i have no taboos and im willing to talk about anything. i do have a yahoo i.d and its (youngsexyprincessjen) that is also my email addy for thoose of you who would like to have it. feel free to contact me. im not in school right now but i will be in september im going to live it up right now and take a break since i just got out of highschool i dont wanna go back to school so soon i wanted to take a year off. so me and my friends like to club hop and party and just have fun. well thats enough about me but i would love to get to know some of you so give me a call and lets have some fun.