Saturday, August 21, 2010

Crazy ptv night

So I have a new slave who is crazy for ptv with yours truly. This guy shall remain nameless unless he does not mind being named. I find that alot of my high paying guys dont like to be named on blogs. So for my wallets sake I dont name them. :) We started off with a few $20 ptv mails and ended with him spending over $3,000! I made him so weak and he loved every minute of it. Just as much as I loved seeing my account balance rise. I also had a few drive by tributes from an unknown slave. I have no idea why he sent me over $300 but he did. I messaged him on NF but he never answered. He just would send $10 buck tributes over and over. I never sent him a picture or anything. CRAZINESS! To be honest if I was you guys I would throw money at me too. *wink* So a few long time no see slaves came out to play tonight. One of them is about to call. He is an old cbt slave. He loved when I would punish his balls and cock with all sorts of fun around the house ojects. By the end of the call he was a swollen mess. LOL! I had a cuckold loser call me. He asked me why is it that women like me wont fuck men with short dicks. Is he serious? Yeah he was. So I hung up on him and made him send me a $25 dollar tribute for asking me such a dumb question. That must have excited him because we started playing raise the rate and $320 bucks later he was drained dry. Well I am off to bed after a very nice Friday back. Try not to miss me too much and if you do play my games and tribute.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Video fixed

Ok guys I fixed my link to my video. Now when you play the ppv game you will get the video at the end. Everyone who played it and did not get the link now has it. (check your inbox)

Happy Friday

Thursday, August 19, 2010

On today

Yes I am on today and yes I am taking calls. Told ya I was back. So today I went to school to pick my classes and pay. YUCK! But what made it totally worth it was all the hot guys I saw today. Plus one of my Professors is soooo cute. What makes it even better is that he is married. You guys all know how much I love married men. I know a few of you played my game with the video and it does not work anymore. I dont know why but I will fix it tomorrow when I get my old computer back. I lent it to my BFF and she will be back tomorrow and then I can load it again and get it to work. (Sorry) Dont worry its worth the wait. :) So little dick Jared has been my pet for the last few years now. Even when I was not coming on NF for awhile he was still being my good little bitch and paying his tributes and keeping up with his blackmail payments. Well now I guess he is a little BBC lover. I guess his wife came home one night with a black guy and they turned him into a BBC loving slut. I always told him he should be a cuckold since he has such a small cock. Any man who is married and has a small cock should be a cuckold. They should be thankful that anyone would marry them which such a small prick anyways. LOL! Ok so I am going to end this for now. I will talk to you guys later.

Im back.

So its been a long time. I know but I left because there was so much shit going on with NF that I could not deal with it. Now I am back fully and back to being the perfect Princess I always am. I have taken lots of new pictures. Im not going to make new games but I will do one on one ptv with you, if you wanna see the new pictures. One of my slaves asked if I would update my amazon wishlist and blog. Yes I will update my wishlist and as for my blog... I am updating it now. I will keep you posted on my life now back with all of you. Jen