Wednesday, February 28, 2007

new pic set of me getting fucked

i have added a new pic set of me getting fucked. there is two pictures with a guy and one with my bestfriend, they are very sexy but they cost more than my regular sets. but trust me they are worth every penny to see my pussy getting fucked so hard, it felt so good when he fucked me doggy style. i just love doggy style!
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special rate

this morning im having my special rate of 1.50 on my anything goes line, im so horny and i want you to come and play with me. im getting alot of minute men this morning i would love to have one good long fuck before i go to bed. i cant sleep because my pussy is so wet and hurts because it wants to cum. i have my viberator out and im ready to drain the batteries out of it. think you can get me off? call me and try.

Monday, February 26, 2007

shopping day with sugar daddy mark

today i went shopping with my sugar daddy mark. it was so fun he took me and my bestfriend clothes and shoe shopping. i hated that we only had a few hours to shop but his wife was coming home from work and he didnt want her to see us. i wonder if shes going to kill him when she finds out he spent their tax return money on me and my friend? oh well who cares lol, not me thats for damn sure. i have alot of married ex boyfriends and ex cuckies and sugar daddys. i cant help it i love older men and when i get and older married man it makes me feel so bad, and i love to be bad. we didnt have time to take pictures but normally mark likes to watch us kiss and go at it and he strokes his cock and takes pictures of us for his little stash. i had fun this morning talking to all the "morning wood" guys and boy oh boy were they horny. i was playing with my pussy so much, that by the time i was done my little panties were all wet. but it felt so good rubbing my pussy and fucking it with dildos while you guys jacked off.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

today is a day to relax

today is my day to relax, after my night last night i need a day like this. i had alot of callers last night and even some new guys, and my one loser who listened to me get fucked so hard. i got fucked this morning in the shower and it felt so good to feel his soapy rock hard cock inside me. he went so deep and fucked me so hard it felt so good. now im ready to relax and play with you all, i have some toys here and my pussy is nice and wet. im also ready to ignore you and watch the academy awards, not to mention im more than willing to take your money cause we all know the first of the month is right around the corner. its bill time bitches so pay up, do some drive back clicking feel free to click on my tribute buttons and pay pay pay. hugs and kisses to all my bitches!

i got fucked while a loser listened

yup thats right i got fucked so hard while some loser named "jeff" listened. it was such a turn on listening to my guy ask the loser questions like.. don't you wish you could fuck her pussy? don't you wish you could taste her pussy? and telling him how good i was sucking his cock, and he had a nice big thick cock too. the loser paid $200 bucks to listen to me get fucked, not to mention he tributed more during the call. i just love sex and when a loser is listening in and stroking his cock while im getting fucked, thats even hotter. cause i know that loser is going to bed alone and my pussy is getting licked. right now there is a few people still here but they are doing a little "something" of their own. i think i could go for round 2, any takers?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

its party time

this weekend is a weekend for this sexy girl to party her ass off. i went to a club on friday night and had alot of fun for my friends birthday, now tonight i got some loser to pay to for me to have a party tonight at my house. its not going to be until after midnight because people have to arrive and there is a big football game out here and so when that lets out alot of the players will be coming over. i think this one is going to be an all nighter. i have been so busy on niteflirt talking to all of you men and losers, it so much fun to hear how you losers know that im too good for you. but its also fun when im so horny and i get to get off with all of you, i am a very horny girl and i love to get off. i have lots of toys to pleasure my little pussy with and i use each and every one of them. so call me i will be taking calls up until my party and during my party, im even going to let you listen in while i get fucked tonight!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

im soooo horny

i cant believe its almost 5am and im up taking calls because im so horny. my pussy is so wet and i have been fingering it since 1:45am when i woke up from my wet dream. it was such a good dream it seemed so real. i had this dream about one of my old teachers he was so hot, too bad he was married but that doesnt matter to me. i just love married men especially married older men. well in my dream my teacher made me stay after school because my skirt was too short, which used to happen to me alot. like i said before i love short skirts and high heels. so in my dream i had to get to cheerleading practice or i wouldnt be able to cheer in the big homecoming game so i went to the bathroom and took my panties off. i came back to my desk and opened my legs so my teacher could see my hot pink wet pussy, and when i knew he was looking i would open my legs wider so he could see my little clit. and then a few times i would brush my hand across my pussy and i could just see his lips part as he licked them with his tounge as if he was calling out to my pussy. so then he called me into the hall and asked me what was i doing with no panties on? so i told him i needed to get to practice and i would do anything to get there, so without another word said he slammed me up against the lockers and slid two fingers in my pussy. soon as he felt it was wet he pushed his dick inside me while whispering in my ear, "is this what you wanted you little slut? is it, you want this cock inside your pussy dont you?" soon as i moaned yes, yes this is what i want... i woke up wet and so horny. so now here i am trying to satisfy my cock craving with some of your hard morning cocks. maybe one of you can be my teacher and pick up where my dream left off. *hugs and kisses to all my bitches* -jen

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

a little busy

i had a very nice night last night talking to all of you and getting to know some of your fetishes and fantasies. i hope that you enjoyed me as much as i enjoyed you. some of you i had eating out the palm of my hand in no time flat, and some of you were eating me out lol. tonight i have a few things to do with a few friends and then i will be online and on niteflirt waiting for calls. alot of you have bought my pictures, thanks i hope you like them. if you do can you please leave feedback for them and for our calls that would be a big help. i will add the link later on where you can leave the feedback, hugs and kisses to all my bitches! lol (edit) here is the link to leave me feedback *wink*

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

fun with friends

today i had so much fun with some of my friends today. we went and got mani's and pedi's and fucked with this guys head who worked at the spa. everytime he touched our feet we moaned and we kept talking about how touching our feet makes our pussies wet, boy oh boy did he get red and hard lol. we could see that hard on from space lol, it was like a rock. he kept saying "ladies please" we just laughed and laughed, we love teasing men especially older men. i had alot of calls last night from men wanting me to take money from them and their wives, i would love to take your money. after all i am better than your wife so why not treat me better than her. right boys? i added 2 more sets of pictures to my niteflirt page, 1 toy set and set 2 of my naughty set. i will try to add new sets every month or every other month.

Monday, February 19, 2007

a date with sugar daddy bill

today i had a date with my sugar daddy bill, it was so much fun because we got to go shopping. his wife was away so bill got to play and boy oh boy did we play. he bought me some little naughty things to wear when we go out cause he knows how much i love high heels and short skirts. bill is a leg man so he took me to go get them waxed and ouch did that hurt. i should be used to it by now but im not it still makes me jump off the chair. lol since they hurt so much i thought it would be nice to go shopping for some new jeans to make my legs feel better. i found some cute jeans for $89.00 a pair so i got 3 pairs bill didnt want me to have jeans cause it would cover up my beautiful tan legs, but when i told him i was going to cut them and make short shorts then that made it better. after lunch we went to a hotel. he begged me to fuck him i told him no, but he did get to watch me fuck myself with my viberator while he begged to jack off. i didnt let him lol i never do. i think we all know why sex is always better with his wife when she comes back from out of town trips. im such a little stinker arent i?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

my first ever post

hey everyone its me your young sexy princess Jen. i wanted to make a page so all of you can get to know me and know what im all about. first off i live in california and im 18 years old im not one that says im 18 and im really like 25 i am 18. i was born in 1988 and i was alway attracted to older men ALWAYS. i used to have crushes on all my friends fathers somehow older men just appeal to me more. they are just sexy and i love the attention i get from them, i do tend to use my looks to get what i want out of men and i do get my way ALOT. i dont see anything wrong with teasing men and making their dicks hard to entertain you and your friends. we work hard to have sexy bodies so why not show them off as much as possable. right? i know you guys love to see sexy legs in short skirts with nice round asses and nice firm tits and cleavage that just yells lick me. right? (lol) i love to be spoiled i do get spoiled by alot of men and they do buy me things all i have to do is ask and say please and they do it. i have alot of sugar daddys and i can alway use some more. i love sex i always have and always will. i have many dildos and viberators i love to play with myself and get myself off. i do have alot of pictures nudes and clothed my dads friend took the ones of me that you see on niteflirt and they were for his private stash. (he has a few more things of mine from our sexy nights but thats another story) i love all fetishes and fantasies i have no taboos and im willing to talk about anything. i do have a yahoo i.d and its (youngsexyprincessjen) that is also my email addy for thoose of you who would like to have it. feel free to contact me. im not in school right now but i will be in september im going to live it up right now and take a break since i just got out of highschool i dont wanna go back to school so soon i wanted to take a year off. so me and my friends like to club hop and party and just have fun. well thats enough about me but i would love to get to know some of you so give me a call and lets have some fun.