Sunday, December 23, 2007

i just love you guys

wow since lowering my rate to 99 cents i have been swamped with calls from alot of hot men. i think i have had the hottest calls this weekend. all of the wives are out shopping and all you naughty men are at home stroking. i get the naughty and they get the nice. i have came so much tonight that my panties are dripping wet. anyone wanna lick or suck them? im also having fun with my money boys. you guys sure are spoiling me and i love it. i also love making you pay me to stroke it and not letting you cum. im such a tease arent i?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

happy holidays

happy holidays everyone! im sorry i havent messaged in awhile but i have been busy with school and i just forgot about posting on here. well now im posting on here to update you guys so forgive me for being tardy. well some of you have noticed i have changed my anything goes price to 0.99 cents. well its this is my gift to my loyal callers and new callers for the holidays. just my way of saying thank you for all the hot and naughty calls. so THANK YOU!!!! some of you have asked if i had a wish list. no i dont but you can send me email gift certificates to my email and it is.... or just send me a tribute via niteflirt. i just wanted to drop a quick line to let you know about my new holiday price and my email for those of you wanting to send gifts. i will update you guys later but until then. kisses and naughty licks from me