Sunday, July 22, 2007

great weekend filled with great calls

when i started to write this blog i got a call and this guy had his stuff together. he made me cum 3 times so hard i couldnt believe how hard i came. ok so back to my blog hehehe. i had a great weekend this weekend. it was full of calls and lots of new callers not to mention some old favorites. well im so happy about all the great feedback you guys left me and i wanted to thank you for all your sweet words. well i made my plan to go to hawaii for my next vacation now i just need the money to go. so that means my little pussy is going to stay wet and i will be working extra hard sucking all your hard dicks. and i wont forget about your money slaves, there wont be a wallet untouched when im done. there will be bankrupt men and women all over because of me. but as long as i have a nice vacation i dont care about your bills and other obligations.
you guys will be hooked and will have no way to say no to me, everytime your cock gets hard you will think of me. even when you fuck your wives your will think of me. you will wanna taste my ass and pussy and tittie fuck my beautiful tits. and i will love every minute of it and so will you.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

so horny

tonight i am so horny i feel like sucking a big cock. i just wanna take one right down my throat and suck it dry maybe even gag on it. i have been watching porn all night that one of my callers sent to me. its really hot and sexy its black guys and young white girls like first timers. boy are they getting their little pussies broke off. its such a turn on to see them take that big cock inside their little tight pussies. i wish i could watch that shit i wish i could have a big black cock right now inside my little pussy.anyone wanna feed me a nice hard cock? call me

Monday, July 16, 2007

new goal and new recordings

ok i woke up this morning with a new goal to reach. wanna know what it is? well i have had a few guys ask me when my next vacation is and where is it going to be. well i think im going to go to hawaii this time around. me and my girls have never been there and it seems like a great place for hot girls like us to go. what do you think? wouldnt you love seeing 5 girls laying out on the beach tanning their sexy bodies? i think alot of men in hawaii will thanks us for going. so that is my new goal and i plan on going within the next few months so if you would like to tribute me and my dream trip then click on the vacation button on my niteflirt page. its a $20 button so feel free to click on it a bunch of times. but if you click on it pay it too *wink*. its going to be 3700 for my vacation that includes my airfare and spending and of cource a bunch of new bikinis and flip flops for the trip. i will keep you updated each week on how much i have earned towards my dream vacation. ok now on to recordings. i have made some new recordings they should be ready to go this week. as soon as they approve them feel free to call them. i think i will make a vacation hotline one too lol. wouldnt that be cute? i will give you details on that one soon as i get an idea on what it will be about. im also going to have alot of recordings about the naughty things i did on my last vacation and all the naughty things i do from time to time. i just know you guys would love to hear all about my little sexcapades. well its after 4am and im ready to take down some serious morning wood, so call me and lets have some fun before you have to go to work.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

baby im back

im back well rested and better than ever with all new stories to tell. i had a wonderful vacation thanks to all you boys. i did alot of naughty things and had alot of naughty things done to me *wink*. let me tell you what happens in mexico doesnt always stay in mexico. thank you for all the "i miss you" emails you sent, i was touched that so many of you thought of me while i was gone. well now that im back im ready to get back to being naughty with all of you. im going to have to tell you about the crazy strip club i danced in and made a bunch of money in. not to mention i met alot of naughty men who loved young sexy girls like me and my friends. alot of them were married *shissss* if they wont tell i wont tell. but lets just say married men sure can fuck. well enough details for now but i will post again later or give me a call and i will tell you.