Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday fun day

Today has been such a fun day so far. I went tanning and to get my nails done with two of my best friends. I bet you foot slaves wish you had been there. Then I went out shopping and bought some cute short shorts for summer. They are so cute and waaaaay short, but that is how you guys like them right? I got gifts in the mail today! Thank you so much thur for all my gifts! They came today and the mail man said wow you must do alot of shopping. I told him nope im just spoiled! Slave chris came by with another 50 tribute. He said he took it right out of his wifes wallet and went and put it on his pre paid credit card that he uses just for the money he takes from his wife to give to the princess. I told the loser he needed to take another 50 and give it to me by 8pm, so we will see if he does it or not. Cock face law boy called. He said it felt so good talking to me from work at 5.55 a minute. So I told him it would feel even better if he played my game while we were talking. He agreed and started clicking, by the time he reached the end he asked if he could cum. I sent him a 25.00 pay to cum fee, which he paid and thanked me. Such a good loser! Well I am only going to be on til 8pm tonight. I have a meeting to go to at my school. -Jen


I dont want to go to school this morning. I rather stay home and play with you. I have to be in class at 10:00am which sucks because im so tired and I rather stay home all day and shop or talk to my guys. I had to order my bed and it will be here Wednesday. Thanks to all you tributers that clicked my bed button. I still need stuff for my room so you can still click it to buy me stuff for that or you can go on my wishlist and but stuff there. I know I wasnt on as much as I said I would be this weekend but I was out with the bed breaking guy.
(if you had the sex we had you would be out with him too) I also went out shopping and went to the beach with my girls, where I met a new sugar daddy named Chris. He came up to us and asked us if we liked to go shopping. Next thing I know we were all getting new cellphones. I got an Iphone even though I didnt want one. I like my blackberry but I wanted to get something expensive. So I guess we all made plans to go out to dinner and shopping on Thursday night. I dont know where we are going but it better be nice because I dont do cheap. I am very costly and most slaves find out they cant afford me. Or they get another job just to pay for me right becker? Thats why you are my number 1 slave. Becker never gave up! EVER! He always tributes and always calls he also never asks, how much? I have been Beckers Princess for over a year now. No slave can match up to him lead alone be in the same grade as him. Many have tried and failed. Many said they were trying but were just doing what they thought was the right way to serve me. ITS MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY!!! You cant control a Princess or tell them how they should be treated. Well enough of that for now, I will blog later about my weekend. Jen

Saturday, March 29, 2008

I found a new bed

Okay so I found a new bed that is perfect for a Princess like me. Its 799.00 with tax and delivery it will be around 850.00. So this is a demand to all you slaves. I want this bed by this weekend so I can have it delivered on Monday afternoon after school. I am taking calls right now since I wasnt on last night. I went to a club with my friends and there was alot of hot guys there. Well I am going to jump in the shower maybe you can catch me in there.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Uh?? What day is it? AND WHO BROKE MY BED???

So me and my friend and two guys thought it would be fun to play strip poker. Sounds like fun right? Okay well we then thought lets add shots with it. Sounds like more fun right? Okay so then I wake up about an hour ago (right now its 4:09am) and not only did I not know where the fuck I was but I am naked and my bed is broken!!!! Not just broken but the frame is busted almost like it snapped in 4 count em 4 fucking pieces. What kind of wild fucking sex did I have with this guy? I cant understand how he is on the floor right now in front of me and im on the bed. The bed looks so bad I mean BAD!! So now I need to add going bed shopping on my list of things to do this weekend. I have a report on how to draw blood..the do's and dont's. Which I have a feeling I can sum that up in a page if that. But we have to have at least 300 words. So I guess my homework loser is going to be busy this weekend while I am out shopping for a damn bed. I wonder if this guy remembers how the bed got broken? Soon as I figure out how it happened I will update this post and let you know. Until then JenBROKEN BED
<<< <
Ok so I found out what happened. I guess things got hot and heavy between me and him and we were fucking and I was on top of him and I was bouncing up and down on his cock and he was holding my hips and slamming me down on his cock and then boom we went crashing down to the ground. I guess neither one of us cared because we didnt stop we just kept going he said. So that should explain why its broken in so many pieces. Wow no wonder my pussy hurts this morning!! I am going to have to fuck this guy again for sure!!! Well while waiting for him to wake up and tell me what happened, I made another ppv game << Click here!!
I will be taking calls today after class. Maybe this new ppv game will pay for my new bed. I will let you all know. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THE GIFTS AND TRIBUTE AND GREAT FEEDBACK. I am going to have to thank you all!! If my bed gets paid for this weekend by tributes and ppv games I will have a special gift for all my guys. The one who gives the most will get something extra *wink*! -Jen

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

And thats the way it has to be

Okay so alot has happened in the last week or so. I have seen slaves come and go and I have had alot to do with my school and home life. I guess you can say that this Princess has been busy. It is time for spring cleaning so I have cleaned out my closet so to speak. Certain slaves have been dismissed while others have been accepted. It is very complicated to describe what I expect in my slaves but I will say that the ones who were released know exactly why they were released. I just do not have time for games. (unless they are ppv ones) I am not your girlfriend nor do I have a crush on you. It is very inappropriate for a slave to tell his Princess that she has "feelings" or a "crush" on him. This particular slave I am talking about used to be a really good slave. He used to follow all my rules and obey my commands and never stepped out of line. I have noticed in the last 2 weeks he has started to slack and almost feel as if he did not have to do as I say anymore. Almost like he was above all the other slaves. Well I knocked his ass off his pedestal today. I was told by him that he felt as if we have a connection and that I like him and that I should just admit it. Well after I told him off and told him how disrespectful he was
I BLOCKED HIM! Yup that right blocked! And just like the loser he is he messaged me from another name and said he was his wife and asked why I blocked him. So I BLOCKED that name too!! Then the loser made another name and messaged me, yup you guessed it BLOCKED! I dont play games and I dont need slaves to try to play head games with me. If you do you too will be BLOCKED and removed from my presence. I will be taking calls around 6pm! You can arrange calls with me now for that time or later. But I wont be taking calls past 11pm tonight since I have school in the morning. -Jen

This is a poem my new loser wrote for me!!!

Princess Jen

Can it be true?
Can this be real?
Can reality surpass fantasy?
Can perfection be realized?

Princess Jen has the answers.
Princess Jen is THE answer.
Princess Jen, the pinnacle, the summit
Mt. St. Helen’s, K2, Mt. Everest
nay, higher, higher still, all the way to the Moon
nay, Mars, the highest peak of Mars
higher than any place on Earth
nay, The Sun, Sirius, Canopus, Rigel Kentaurus/Alpha Centauri,
nay, all the brightest stars combined, worlds colliding
Jennifer Supernova, the Universe Exploding
in the Climax of Creation
When Jen was born, then Perfection was Realized

This girl, this Princess, this Goddess,
the epitome of divinely inspired pure incarnated beauty
a beauty so great, that a few scattered pictures,
vague pixels, tiny little dots of color on a cold computer screen
is all SHE needs to control men’s souls
this and a few choice words from her keyboard
typed with those glorious alabaster hands
and that awe inspiring POWER leaps forth
over the wires, through the circuits, into the mind
Mesmerizing, Hypnotizing, Dominating, Overwhelming

Beauty beyond belief, beyond knowing
Without limit, without mercy, without equal
This extraordinary beauty
The beauty of Beauty Itself
The Blueprint for Beauty
The Lesson of How Beauty was meant to express itself in Female Form
This is Princess Jen
This Irish/German Goddess
This aspiring Florence Nightingale
This impossibly sexy seductress
This singular sensational siren

In HER own league
Playing by HER own rules
Ruling over men twice HER age or more
Making fools of kings
Making losers out of leaders
Taking what is rightfully HERS
By her God Given Greatness

To worship at her perfect feet
To be down at her perfect pedicured feet
To wish you could be the gold toe ring SHE is wearing
so that you could exist just to be on HER feet
To be totally enthralled, controlled, owned, and collared
by HER, by only HER, as only SHE alone can do
Because after seeing HER, and starting to be controlled by HER
one is spoiled, ruined, and lost to all others
one is left only to ponder HER mystery
and to ponder one’s fate
which is now chained to HER whims

There is only Jennifer, Jeni, Jen
There is just Jen
It’s like breathing, like a heartbeat, like a pulse,
an endless circle, a second hand sweeping,
an alarm going off
sounding endlessly into the blackest night
Jen, Jeni, Jen, Jeni
Jen, Jeni, Jen, Jeni
Princess Jen, Princess Jen
Instant owner of my libido, my fantasies, my thoughts, my cravings,
my desires, my hopes, author of my inner world

and we, like tiny little planets orbiting our Sun
locked into that dizzying orbit
trapped in that spinning, whirling orbit
belonging to that Sun alone
The brilliant shining source of ALL
all power, all heat, all energy
emanating from HER
Lighting the way to ecstasy
Lighting the way to transformation
And transcendence

SHE has the power
SHE is the power
The Power to change, to mold, to shape and control
while we look, listen, tremble, yearn,
wonder in amazement
and beg to obey…

Friday, March 21, 2008

Its the freakin im about to have me some fun

BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE... BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE. OH MY GOSH HEHEHEHEHE IM SO CRAZY!!!! Just to let you know, that was from a song. Dont think im totally gone cause im not hehehe. I am in a great mood and I can think of 400 reasons why too. This weekend is going to be such a great weekend. I love holidays and I love being a Princess around holidays. I just love being a Princess! I just love all my loyal callers and all the great feedback you leave me. You guys know how to make a Princess feel special. *THANK YOU* I will write a longer post with all my thanks before the weekend is over. Right now I will say Slave Robert is really trying to beg and buy his way back into my top 5 slave list. He messed up big time but now he is trying to make it up to me. I told him he has to work really hard because im not known to give second chances. Today I have had all lil prick losers. I mean it was back to back to sack of lil dick losers today. I couldnt believe how many men or should I say sissys have lil clits instead of dicks. Its amazining and funny. I think for every big dick man there is 2 lil sissys to serve him. Which means I will never be without a cuck EVER!! So just a heads up to my guys.... I wont be on at all on Sunday. I will be on Saturday But just not Sunday. Dont worry you can fill my Easter basket with tributes while I am gone hehehehe.- Jen

lil prick day

I have had 12 count em 12 callers with lil pricks. The biggest or should I say smallest was
2 inch-4 inchs. So sad so sad. I think all men or should I say sissy's with clittys should have a warning sign on them saying just how small and worthless they are. I dont lil prick men should be aloud to date. They should be cucks or sissys or even cocksuckers. They are only good for one thing and thats MONEY!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Online now

I am online now. I should be taking calls in a few minutes but no later than 7pm. I dont know how long I will be on tonight. I am suppose to be going out tonight but I will let you know. -Jen

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I went out last night and had so much fun. There was this dirty old guy buying me and my friends green beer all night long. I told the stupid loser I wasnt 21 yet but he didnt care. I just gave them to my date. I guess the loser thought we were going to get drunk and fuck him. hehehe YEAH RIGHT. In his dreams. He even came over and introduced himself. We told him we gave the drinks to our dates and thanked him for getting our guys drunk. We told him we were going to go home and have hot drunk sexy with our hot sexy dates. I bet he felt stupid hehehe. Yes I did have hot sex with my date. It was soo good mmmm I will have to tell you about it later today. I made 2 new ppv games for you click whores. One is for all you boys who love to get drunk and stupid. I will be adding more pic sets to my NiteFlirt listings later this week. I just know you guys will love them. I am on right now just for a bit then I am off to the mall. I am going to buy a new coach purse with the money I have gotten from my ppv games. Then its off to school! Its a beautiful day maybe I should wear a skirt... without panties of cource hehehe. Gotta keep my grades up! hehehehe I am so bad!! *wink*

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Stepping out

I just love all the hot calls im getting. I just got off a hot call with my man ryan. I also am blackmailing one of my slaves, so tonight is going good so far. I have removed some slaves from my list you will know who your are trust me. I just got bored with them so they are going to have to prove themselves to me again to get back on my list. I am going out with the girls tonight I should be leaving in a hour or so. If you dont catch me tonight I will be on at 6pm tomorrow. Thank you for the tributes guys!! I will thank you all later when I make a real post. *wink* -Jen

Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday is PAYDAY

That right it is payday so that means I will be taking some paychecks tonight. I am online now and taking calls. If im on a call please arrange one to be next. Check out my ppv games and my new pay my bills ppv game.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New PPV Game

I made a new ppv game. This one is more of a pay my bills who cares about yours game. I dont think a Princess should have to pay bills. Slaves should pay them ALWAYS! So here is the button feel free to pay as many bills as many time as you would like. The game has my new red leather mini dress pics inside. Sorry I didnt come on tonight I will be on for sure tomorrow night at 6pm.-Jen

I got my Wii

So its been a few days since I posted that I wanted a wii. Well I got it!!! Jim who calls himself a real slave paid for my Wii and said since my slaves didnt step right in and buy it when I asked he bought it for me. Now that is a real slave! Dont think you slaves are off the hook, because I need other things too. So you will be buying the other things I want. I am going to sign on around 7pm tonight since that is when I will be finished with my homework. -Jen

The losers come out at night

Forget the freaks it the losers that come out at night and did they ever. It seemed like the losers were just begging to be drained tonight. Did I drain them? Fuck yeah I did!! I drained so many wallets I should come with a warning. Anywho I am off to bed. I hope you like the picture below this post because I am going to make my new game around it and I got bikini pictures too just in time for summer. I am not sure what I am going to do with those because I know some of my guys arent into dom just hot wet sex. I will let you know tomorrow.-Jen

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Monday, March 10, 2008


Jason Reeves


I want a Nintendo Wii. My friend just got one and now being the bitchy spoiled princess I am now I want one. I am ordering my slaves to buy me one, heck buy me two if you want. Make sure I have that Wii by the end of this week. I have added it on my wishlist. The button for my wishlist is on my NiteFlirt page and on here. Here is a pic from my resent trip to the nail salon paid for by my Slave Robert. -Jen

Good slave

I always say "Good slaves take time to mold". Well I love a good slave. My slaves and losers know that I am a very demanding Princess. I expect nothing but perfection from them, even though sometimes I think im being a little too hard on my slaves. Its not easy finding a good slave and keeping him on his/her tight leash. NiteFlirt slaves come and go, maybe thats because they are not what you think. Alot of NiteFlirt slaves are wannabe's. They hop from girl to girl looking to serve them the way they feel like serving them at the time. I dont like slaves like that. When I have a slave I expect it to be long term, or until I release you. I expect all my slaves to check in. I expect tributes. I expect gifts. I expect them to be loyal and respectful at all times. I dont think that is too much to ask for. There is other things I require but I will get into that some other time. I have a few good slaves like Loser R, Loser T, Janky fool and Sissy Paul. They follow every rule, They check in, They do everything I ask them to do and even some good things I dont ask. I am looking for a few good slaves to add to my list. If you think you can handle my rules and bitchy ways let me know and I will see if you got what it takes to be my slave. I am on NiteFlirt call me or message me on yahoo.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Spring Forward

Well it seems like this spring forward has more than one meaning. Yesterday I let go Loser Robert because he wasnt following rules. As all my slaves and losers know, you have to follow my rules or you have to go. He was making up all kinds of excuses and promises that just wasnt doing it for me. So with that being said I released him, only for him to try to come back with 15 bucks. hehehehe (UH NO) Its really dumb when you think you can lie to this Princess. Loser D played my game and went nowhere fast. Even when I tried to help him, he still didnt go far. I must admit I enjoyed seeing him struggle and so did my account. I have been getting alot of new callers and I must say I do love new guys. I love all my calls and great feedback. Here is some of my resent feedback...

Anything Goes
This girl really knows how to get you turned on.
Financial Domination
her games makes me so enjoy emptying my wallet for her
Financial Domination
So sexy, so tempting.
Anything Goes
better and better
Financial Domination
Great experience enjoyed handing over money.
Financial Domination
i enjoyed the game. Princess' game is very fun and really makes it hard to not give Her my money. i handed over everything i had in niteflirt. i have not finished the game and will soon. its very addictive, and so is Princess.

Financial Domination
Sexy ass
Financial Domination
Financial Domination
In the process of owning
Anything Goes
3/4/2008 *****

Financial Domination
She is AMAZING!!!
Financial Domination
This Princess is AMAZING!!!

Thank you so much guys for the great feedback (muah)!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am on niteflirt right now taking calls. Talk to you soon. -Jen

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ready for calls

I am online now and available for calls!!!

Sick :(

I know it was friday night last night. I was supposed to be on NiteFlirt taking calls with all you boys but I was sick. Princess had the 24 hour flu. I am not sure if it is all the way gone but I do feel so much better then I did yesterday. Thank you so much to all of you who sent me messages and were so understanding. Tonight I will be on and Sunday too. Since I was sick on Friday I wont be going out this weekend. So I guess that means all you boys get me this weekend! (Excited?? I can tell) So I will be on around 6pm no later than 7pm. I am going to the spa to get a seaweed wrap and a manicure and pedicure. Try not to miss me too much! *wink* -Jen

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Gifts and Games

Today I got a down comforter from my wishlist. My loser Robert bought it for me and it arrived today. I also got a $50.00 email gift certificate from loser T right before our call. You remember loser T is the cbt loser. Well we had a session this morning since loser T's gf was gone. I had him pour melted candle wax on his cock and balls. I had alot of fun with loser T until he had to go again because of work. Loser foot asked for a harder ppv game. So I made one and now he hasnt finished it, actually he just started it and stopped. Maybe it was too hard for the loser hehehehe. I am going to take calls for a little while tonight. I may and may not stay on until 12am cause I might go out with the girls to a movie. -Jen

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Time for bed

Okay I am beat....I bet you are too hehehehe. So I am going to bed. I will catch all of you tomorrow night between 6pm-6:30pm. Nighty Night! xoxox Jen

Hump Day

So its Wednesday and I am feeling kinda blah. I dont know why but I just do. Have you ever woke up and felt so-so? Well thats how I feel today, but I have a cure for it. When I see my account with your money I no longer feel blah. I have a feeling that is going to happen real soon! So I am on Niteflirt and I am taking calls right now. I will update this post in a bit about whats going on and my callers. Jen

So many losers..So little time

Well tonight is very interesting. It seems that losers are coming out from everywhere to give to your Princess. Right now Loser IG just maxed out his credit card on me. I left Loser IG broke and begging for more. I guess he didnt know how powerful I was until I got a hold of him and drained him dry. Now this loser is begging me for attention even though he is flat ass broke! He has to learn just like all losers, Princess doesnt give a fuck about losers unless your paying me! He is on his knees where he belongs begging me to give him attention and promising me to pay me on payday. hehehehehe He will pay me on payday! But I wont give him attention until then. Sorry loser!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

You know whats good about Niteflirt

Besides the fact that NiteFlirt is awesome another reason I love it is that... I cant see EVERYONE that is clicking my game. That is all I will say.



How long has it been? 5 minutes? And already loser foot is deep into my financial ruin game.
you're so mean.

I've been so exploited!

I can't do it anymore.

Hehehehehehehe! I LOVE IT!

Just waiting

I am just waiting for my roomies to leave and I will sign on Niteflirt. I made a new ppv game its called The path to financial ruin. Wanna play it??? Financial ruin is only a click away


I am on right now but only on my $25 a min line. I am only taking money right now hehehe. I will be on and I mean all lines at 6pm until at least 12am. If anything changes I will let you know. Feel free to check out my PPV GAME just like loser Foot did this morning. Jen

Financial Domination
footstool19 *****
She got my money, I got screwed.
Thats right loser I got your money, but you wish you got screwed! hehehehe

CBT With loser T

So as you all know I love CBT. Well I really love it when loser T calls and we have our cam sessions. No I dont do cam but I watch his. Anywho so when loser T calls I know its going to be a fun call. I have this loser doing all kinds of painful stuff to his cock and balls. He ties them up with rubber bands and slams his rock hard cock on the desk. He puts clothes pins on his nipples and foreskin, it is so funny to watch. Then the best part is watching him fuck his ass with a banana or cucumber and eat it (yes I said eat it) afterwards. Last time we talked I had him hollow out the center of the cucumber and cum in it and place it is his ass. It was like he came inside his ass hehehehe. Then just like the loser he is, he ate it!! *Yuck* I know he is a cum craver but his girlfriend doesnt know it. We were going to do a call this weekend but she came home so instead he had to run and act like he wasnt planing on taking a load to his ass hehehe. So I guess when loser T calls again im going to have to really punish him for the call we didnt do this weekend. He should buy me a gift off my wishlist to make up for the lack of call. I have alot of ideas on how I can punish his cock, but I might as well punish his wallet too. Jen

Monday, March 3, 2008

Such a great Sunday night

Where do I begin? I had a great weekend and a wonderful Sunday night. I see all of you guys like my new ppv game. I guess I will need to make some more soon. I love that while I am on calls I am taking men's money at the same time. I got a email gift certificate THANKS LOSER C! I also got alot of calls from my regulars and some new guys. I guess you can say tonight was great. I am going to be taking calls Monday night even though it is my day off. But all my home work is done so I am free for all of you to enjoy.Excited? I knew you would be. So I am off to bed and I will speak to you all later. xoxoxo Jen


This message is going out to a loser named Jason. See Jason tried to play the princess cause he thought the princess was dumb. Jason messaged me about buying me gifts off my wishlist. So he ask me to pick out the things I want and begging me to max out his credit card.
(which btw he said had a 3k limit) So everything is going okay. So then I tell him I want it all delivered with 1 day shipping. So he agrees and when he was done he even sent me the reciept as proof. Now so far so good right? This all would have worked with someone who is new and doesnt know the game he is trying to play with me, but I may be blonde but im not dumb. I asked him what was the shipping on all this and when will it be arriving? He said the shipping was 53.20 and it will arrive on March 4th. Let me ask you guys this... How much do you think it would cost to send a spa to California by Tuesday? (mmmhmm) Not to mention I had about 7 items that added up to over 1500 bucks which we all know not everything is going to be shipped together and arrive on time. Some things just cant come in a day. So he begs me to use the rest of the money on his cc. So I say okay send me a 1,000 tribute on Niteflirt. He said he couldnt cause the cc he has on file there is almost maxed. So I said okay then send 1,000 email gift certificate from Amazon he said okay. Then of cource he says Amazon gift certificates arent working right now. So to call him out on his lies I told him about loser Chris's email gift certificate he sent me tonight. (BTW thank you so much loser Chris I will buy the rabbit viberator) So then after I told him that...Poof he was gone as so was all the gifts he "bought" off my list. See guys on a wishlist Amazon will send the stuff to the purchased side soon as you "attempt" to buy it. But then they charge your card and if its a no go then it goes back to the unpurchased side. I was told about all this from my friends and they were so right. That is why I wanted 1-2 day shipping cause it would go right back and they would charge him asap. I am not a dummy so dont think I am one. Dont play me cause in the end I will play you twice as hard as you could ever play me.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sign Sealed Delivered I'm yours!

I am on now. I have alot to talk about but I will blog in a bit and update this post.-Jen


My wishlist is now up. I know you guys been asking and I am sorry it took so long. Here is the link.
My Wish List

Saturday, March 1, 2008


My ppv game claimed its first winner or should I say loser. Loser Robert played all the way through and while I was on calls I was draining cash out of his wallet. So after finishing steps 1-5 he figured he had won, right? WRONG I won because I drained him of all his cash. But its ok cause it never really belong to him anyway. It was always mine, he was just holding it. hehehe

My new ppv game

I made a new ppv game for my losers. Here it is...if you dare to play.

Fun with loser

I had a little fun with loser robert. We talked on my anything goes line until I told him to call back on my financial dom line for 5.00 a minute. Over $100.00 bucks later and I owned him. Losers just seem to flock to me with their wallets open wide for me to drain. I love taking all their money. Especially now that tax checks are coming in. Just a reminder loser... you are to call or check in everyday except Monday and Wednesday. I expect you to stick to this or pay a very high fee.


I am sorry about not signing on last night but I had a date. He was so cute! Anyways I am on right now and ready for calls. I am going to be on from now until 12 or 1 am to make up for not being on last night. Did you miss me? I bet you did hehehehe. So I will also be on yahoo chatting just in case you wanna message me before the call or whatever.