Saturday, May 31, 2008

Every weekend

So it seems that I post on the weekends. Well I will try to keep that up even though I know I should post alot sooner. A girls busy what can I say? So my puppet tried to get back to me this week. He messaged me and said " I am trying to save the 250.00" Ok first of all I told him that if he strayed again it would cost him 250 to get back. I am sick and tired of him leaving and coming back all the time. You cant throw a few bucks at me and expect everything to be fine. If he messages me again without the money I will double it. DONT WASTE MY TIME. That is my number one rule. BTW if he is still saving up 250 and its been 2 weeks I doubt I want him as a slave anyways. I mean come on how broke is that. L-O-S-E-R!!!!! So I have a new admirer and his name is Buttface. Buttface loves my ass. He loves it so much that he pays over 100.00 just for a picture of my ass. He then prints my pic and rubs it on his face until he shoots his load. Pretty lame huh? hehehehe Buttface loves kissing my ass just as much as I love taking his cash from him and his stupid non-sexual wife. He and his wife have not had sex in over 6 years. The only thing they do is a handjob on his b-day and thats it. Oh did I mention he eats her pussy every single night. He does it because he hopes she will wanna fuck him, but she wont because she says its a waste of time because his cock is so small. hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FUCKING LOSER!!!!! I told him that shes out getting real cock and he comes home and cleans her out. He says she buys naughty nighties and high heels but she doesnt wear them for him and she waxes her pussy which she never did before. So I am putting 2 and 2 together and he should too. She is getting her fuck on and he is just a cuckold. He should accept it and own it. BTW I love cuckolds. I will be on this afternoon for a bit then I will be back after 6pm. I am expecting friends over so I dont know how long I will be on tonight but if you wanna hear hot chicks in a pool then call my ignore line. *wink* xoxoo ~Jen

Friday, May 23, 2008

Whats new?

Ok once again its been awhile since I posted. I know I know but.. I have been so busy I have not had much time for posting or NiteFlirt for that matter. I have not forgot about my slaves and losers. I will be on this weekend all weekend so get ready for me. *wink* I have had alot happen in the last week or two. I went on vacation and had a loser write me a song had lots of slaves send tributes and play my games and finished classes early. So its summer for me now so I should be on alot more. (unless I am at the beach) I cant wait to talk to you all tonight! I will be on yahoo too so hit me up I wanted to thank my cooking loser for all the nice gifts. Thanks loser! Also I wanted to thank Mark7034 for paying my rent this month all 650.00 of it and sending me on my little trip too and paying for it all. Thanks Mark! He even called while I was on my trip to be ignore for 2 hours!!! WHAT A FUCKING DUMBASS!! HA! HA! HA! I LOVE IT! I laughed at his ass the whole time he just begged me to take more sending tributes and being a good little ignore bitch. My puppet left again.
(What else is new?) He always leaves and then comes back because he knows he cant live without me. He is too weak against me and my power over him is way to strong for him to try to fight it. (GOOD LUCK TRYING PUPPET YOU CANT RESIST ME AND YOU KNOW IT HA!)
So I will be on and I will be blogging about my calls. So watch out blackmail bitches I will post all your info on here and think nothing of it. Watch out what you tell me hehehe. ~Jen

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Her Evil Power

Just when the sun starts falling
Just when the moon starts calling
Just then you hear the siren's cry

Just how the bad girl wants it
Look how the bad girl flaunts it
Bow down and face the fate you want

I'm afraid SHE'S got HER Mojo working
You're a slave to HER but you've been shirking
You can't escape HER evil power

Gently falling through the trees
I see the leaves as they die
Gently sinking to me knees
I see my life pass me by

And though you crave to serve HER
Deep down you know you don't deserve HER
Submit to HER, your One True God

I'm afraid SHE'S got her Mojo working
You're a slave to HER but you've been shirking
You can't escape HER evil power

Friday, May 9, 2008


I know I have not posted on here in a long time. Well I have been so busy with school and stuff I lost track of everything fun for a bit. Now I am back and back to having fun. I have got alot of emails asking when I was going to post about my losers/slaves on here. Well I will start doing that again tonight and I will be on yahoo too. If I posted about all the stuff since the last post I would be writting until tomorrow morning. So I will start with tonight! I did get the tributes and gifts from many of you. THANK YOU! I sent each of you a little gift in your NiteFlirt inbox. *wink* So I am online right now and I will be taking calls at 6pm-6:30pm. ~Jen

Friday, May 2, 2008

Look out weekend

I dont have any homework this weekend and My roomies are out of town. I am going to have a great weekend. I might have a party or maybe just invite a bunch of girls over to make fun of you losers. I dont know what I am going to do but I know its going to be fun. Loser dick wad left 3 tributes tonight and arranged a call. I was helping my roomies pack for a trip they are going on this weekend so I didnt sign on. I figured I will have such a busy weekend and with them gone I can take more calls and have alot more fun with my losers and slaves. I got a $50 amazon gift certificate but I dont know who sent it. There was a message on it.. so if you can tell me what it said I will thank you on my blog. Until then I dont know who sent it. I will be on tomorrow at 7pm maybe earlier. You can arrange a call if you would like.