Tuesday, April 24, 2007

summer vacation

yesterday was such a great slave day all my slaves came out to play and even some new ones. it was a very profitable day for your princess yesterday, i think i will treat myself with a bit of shopping this weekend. so you know what that means slaves... time to tribute. you didnt think i was going to spend my own money did you? yeah right! i never spend my money when there is plenty of slaves with open wallets willing to let me spend theirs. well im ready to have some fun today, im going to tan and i will be back to take calls. another day another slaves dollar right? lol oh and i will be making some new fetish recordings but im sure they wont be available until this weekend. keep your eyes open for them.

Monday, April 23, 2007

im going to have a very nice dinner tonight

i had such a great drive by slave, although he said he wanted to be a full time slave for me i think maybe i was a little too tuff on him. oh well tuff shit im a princess im not suposed to be sweet, right? so tonight im going out with to dinner at a nice resturant all on his expense, thanks loser. he may have not been full time slave material but hey at least i got a nice dinner out of it. lol anyone else wanna do some drive by tributing feel free cause i would love to go to a movie and my bills are due too. pay up losers!!!

my footboy

my footboy called me this morning and once again soon as he heard my voice and stared at pictures of my feet he was doomed. he just loves my feet so much that he cant even talk to me he just mumbles and stutters, most men do when they are in my presence but this is bad and funny as shit. i think its safe to say i got him right where i want him. this morning i tag teamed him with my roomate and he had to pay to sniff our feet. we had him so trapped it was like he was our little bait right on the line. quickly we grabbed all his cash and he didnt even know what hit him and the next thing he knew he was adding more money for us to snatch up. this went on for 20 minutes before he had nothing left. and the funny thing is I will take more money tomorow and he will just keep coming back over and over again cause he is hooked.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

i just love my sugar daddys

i love my callers here on niteflirt but i really love my sugar daddys. i love when then call early in the morning with a full wood and let me suduce them out of a small fortune for myself. i know that the harder a mans cock the more open their wallet is to this princess. i have this one loser that just loves my tan feet, he just gets in this trance when he calls me. he just mumbles and tributes and mumbles and tributes, i just love his loser ass. lol another guy pays me just to say "kiss my ass and pay me loser" and boy does he, he tributes at least $300 a call. i just love my callers and just because this post is about my money boys doesnt mean i dont love my horny men. i just getting my pussy rocked in the morning and getting off with you before you go to work. it feels good starting my day with a nice warm wet pussy and a viberator full of dead batteries. i love thinking of all that hot cum dribbling down my chin on to my big 36d breast and licking it slowly off my nipple yum. well its time to talk to my morning guys i cant wait to talk to you my pussy and bank account is waiting.

Monday, April 16, 2007

fun with drunk ass brian

i just had a fun call with brian and i got him totally shit face drunk. he was so drunk he didnt know which end was up i had him tributing me and taking shots. by the time it was over he drank a bottle and a half and was shit faced. i just loved bossing him around and making him give me more and more money and take more and more shots. i knew the more drunk he was the more under my control he was and he was completly under my control. i just love using men like little puppets.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

so wet and so ready

i have been wet all day today i made some recordings this morning that wont be ready for a day or two but it made me so horny. i fucked myself in the shower and in the pool and on my bed and im even playing with my clit right now. i just cant help it im so horny and i wanna fuck so bad. my friends father invited me over to spend the night and i know he wants to fuck because his daughter and wife are out of town visiting friends so i know its going to be a all night fuck session. i cant wait! he doesnt get off work until 2:30 so i guess i will have to pleasure myself until he gets home. wanna keep me company while i wait for him?

Monday, April 9, 2007

i just love to be spoiled

every princess deserves to be spoiled and my daddy phil totally understands that, he tributed me $500.00 and gave me a $100.00 fredericks of hollywood gift certificate. then to top it all off he paid 60.00 for each picture i sent him, grand total of 660.00. thanks daddy phil i just love your money but not your small little cock. and remember to do as i say because i have all your info and we wouldnt want mary to find out about our little secret now would we? and i know you wouldnt ever want her to see the screen shots i took of you and jarvase, right? its not your fault your a- dick- ted to cock and black cock at that.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

boy does my sugar daddy love my bald pussy

i went out with my sugar daddy last night and boy does he love my little bald pussy, he would do anything just for a taste or smell of it. he picked me andmy friend megan up and we went out shoe shopping and then we went shopping for bras and panties. he wanted us to do a fashion show but the lady in the store looked freaked out so we didnt do it there instead we went back to the hotel and did one there. me and megan tried on all of the little nighties and bras and panties but when he saw the crotchless ones on me and saw my freshly wax pussy peeking through he dropped to his knees and begged me to let him lick it. we laughed in his face and told him no then he asked to smell it or just touch it and i still told him no. so he kept begging and begging so me and megan got all our things and told him we were leaving if he asked again. so then he opened his wallet and gave us each 2 crisp 100 dollar bills so we stayed and then he asked again so i went off on him and told him he was a pathedic limp dick loser and even if he was to lick my pussy he would never be able to fuck me. and besides i dont want a cock thats only 4 inches. so while i talked shit to him he jacked off and came all over himself so i took the rest of his money out of his wallet and left. lol stupid loser you will never get to fuck my little bald pussy... i though you knew!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

i love controlling losers

i just love mindcontrolling losers its something im very into and enjoy alot. nothing brings me more pleasure then a loser who knows his place in life and has money. all losers know they cant ever have this with out a lotta green and this loser knew the way to get my attention was with a tribute. so he did a few drive by tributes yesterday but today he bought all of my picture sets and then sent 3 $100.00 tributes and then called and jacked off a while his wife was in the other room and paid to cum. i will say he is a very good loser! hello loser walt dont forget i own you and everything everything in that bank account is mine.