Friday, August 31, 2007

its me again

yeah i know i havent blogged in a while but i have a good reason.... im lazy lol i cant help it i am. i have been having so much fun this summer that i just havent had time to blog but i will get back to my normal happy naughty blogging on sept 14th thats when i will be done with summer and back from mexico. sorry sexys but i need to have my fun lol. i have alot of naughty stories that i cant wait to tell you about. until then call me or i will talk to you later.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

late night snack

anyone up for a late night snack? perhaps some yummy bald pussy or sexy tan ass or maybe some toes? well im up for some cum dripping off a nice juicy fat cock mmm yummy. anyone wanna bend me over and give it to me deep? joe fucked me so hard tonight that i came twice and chris licked my pussy so good that it made me dizzy lol. i have had alot of good calls and came so much. although i feel drained i still want more and more and more. who wants to give it to me?

Saturday, August 4, 2007


yup thats right goodmorning wood. and i have had some really good wood this morning from some of you guy. i have been a highschool sweetheart and a naughty cheerleader and a babysitter and a spoiled bratty bitch. i just love roleplaying i have a great imagination and love to go places few have gone hehehe. feel free to share your naughtiest of fantasies nothing is taboo with me and anything goes *wink wink*. im going to be signed on for a bit this morning until i go to the beach with my friends then its time for fun in the sun. i just love going to the beach with the exception of getting sand in my cookie i have a blast. i love to tan and yes i do it topless no tan lines boys. so if any of you wanna cum and rub me down with suntan lotion give me a call.