Wednesday, June 27, 2007

vacation is almost here

im so excited my vacation is almost here and boy am i ready for it. i cant wait to hit the beach and get some sun on my buns. i love to tan topless and sometimes bottomless i hate hate hate tan lines. i also dont like getting sand in unwanted places *yuck*. but i do love hitting the nightclubs and hot party spots, and since were going to be by a university there will be alot of house partys that we will be going to. well like i told my number one loser steve it is up to you guys to pay for my vacation. the more you tribute the better my vacation will be and the more fun i will have. if you cant call its ok just do a drive by tribute i sure do love those. well im taking calls right now and im waiting for my addicted loser steve to call and get his fix in. its so funny he is so addicted to me that he wants me morning, noon, and night he just cant resist and i cant resist giving him his addiction cause i know it will only make him want it more and more. i also have a little coke whore too! she loves to fuck and suck and get fucked up and i love using her and making myself happy by all the money she makes. ok enough typing lets get to talking and phone fucking *wink*.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

my vacation is just around corner

yup thats right it is vacation time and im ready for one. me and my girls are ready to hit the beach in style all thanks to you. now i still have a few things i need to get if you wanna get them for me send a email gift certificate to and i will buy everything else i need for my vacation. also thanks to thoose of you who cannot resist my brainwashing idea in the post below. keep paying cause your princess needs alot of money for her vacation so she can shop and have fun with all her friends. i wanna wear hot sexy outfits and get fucked all vacation long.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

a little bit of brainwashing

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket look at the boobs and repeat the sentence below over and over!!!
I must obey I must obey click the vacation button and pay pay pay!

Monday, June 18, 2007

its just me...

sorry i havent blogged in a while but i have been so busy getting ready for my vacation. thanks to all you slaves, losers and horny men that have tributed my vacation. me and my girls thank you for it. all of you who tributed i have written your name down and you will get some pics from my vacation for vacation tributers only. theese pictures will not be on sale so you guys should feel very special hehehe. i have a few feedbacks to post from all of you and some thanks to hand out too.

FUCKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!! (aww thanks johnny731 i enjoyed the call just as much as you)

***** (thanks for the 5 star rating)

Young Sexy Princess is gorgeous. you all will absolutely love all of her pics. she has a fantastic body and fabulous looking breasts. her entire body is very hot. (thank you so much)

WTF is she on this site for? she is a sexy young princess, but needs a little more experience.
(i added this even though its not a good feedback. sorry that you felt i wasnt good enough for you vegasplayboy but i sure did love the 46.00 bucks i got out of you from our call. you need to understand its call domination and i will not submit. im not your bitch your mine remember that dumbass. its a domination line you called not sex ok?)
ok i want to say thanks to my number one loser and you know who you are you cant resist my sexy feet and you know it. and to the guy hoping to be my number one caller... the old "im not by my computer trick" doesnt work with me. like i said before make sure your at your computer when you call me from now on. the way to my heart is through your wallet hun. hehehe ok back to doing my calls i will talk to all of you and fuck some of you very soon. check out all my pics. and yes i do take request shoots.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

debt...such a common word for losers!

let it drain is what my loser on the phone right now is saying as he kisses 9.99 a min out of his bank account and into mine. cha-ching cha-ching cha-ching i say as he loads his account knowning if he hangs up the rate goes higher. it can go as high as 50.00 but i will raise it 5.00 everytime he hangs up. making more money for me and less for him cha-ching lol!!! i love being me and i love losers that love going into debt for me. i have another loser named steve who can resist my feet and he calls and pays to smell my feet and my friends feet. we just pass him around like a little cheap slut and he loves every minute of it. my loser is sitting here right now as i post paying me 9.99 a minute and loving it as makes my pussy wet to take from him and his pathedic bank account. i dont care if he has bills just as long as he pays me thats all that matters! cha-ching cha-ching cha-ching!! more money for me more money for the princess!!! cha- ching cha-ching! anyone else wanna be my next bankrupsy victim?

Thursday, June 7, 2007

a message for all of you

hey everyone i just wanted to post to say thank you for all the tributes and nice feedback you guys have left me. here is some of my favorite feedbacks from the last few weeks.

was excellent, she totally got into it with me and i will do it again.

she should also be called addictive princess

She has got me addicted - super hot!!

She's awesome well else can be said, and sexy hot too!!

thank you so much boys!!! i sent you a little something for te great feedbacks you left me. i will post about what kind of naughty things i have been up to later tonight. this was just a thank you post just to say thanks!