Wednesday, March 28, 2007

eating aint cheating

eating aint cheating is what my friends mother told me when i asked her if she was afraid her husband would find out about our little affair. little does she know im fucking him too and her daughter. wouldnt that be hot if we all got together and fucked like one big orgy? everyone licking and sucking and fucking each other. oooh it gives me chills when i think about how much pleasure it would bring me and my little pussy. last weekend i went with them on a family vacation i never got fucked so much in my life. when one went shopping or down to the casino the other stayed and fucked me and when both parents where gone then me and my friend started fucking. my pussy stayed wet and felt soo good i had the biggest orgasims of my life and what was so hot about it was when i was done fucking one i would fuck the other. so it was like they were cleaning each others juices off me and out of me. if they only knew!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

mother fucker?

i have been a naughty girl a very very naughty girl. i fucked my friends mother the other night, and to make matters worst i fucked her father about a week ago. i couldnt help it she has very sexy parents and they are very horny. i wish i could have done them both at the same time that would have been something. me and her and her mother were having a ladies night after we went out to dinner and we had some drinks back at their house. my friend got too drunk and went to sleep but me and her mother stayed up and danced and had a good time. one thing led to another and we started talking about her and her husbands naughty sex life and how she loves to fuck him with a strap on. so she showed me this big black strap on, it must have been about 8 inches. and so i tried it on and then she was bending over just joking around and then boom i slid her thong over and shoved it in! SHE WAS MOANING LIKE CRAZYI DONT KNOW WHAT I WAS THINKING!!! but she liked it and she came so hard then se licked my pussy like its never been licked before. she was sucking on my pussy lips and clit and then she fucked me with the same strap on that i fucked her with. then she had me on my knees sucking the big black strap on and then she said no honey let me show you how to suck a black dick. so then i put it on and she deep throated it like a pro. i bet she can suck dick real good. the next morning we acted like nothing ever happened, but i wonder what would happen if her parents knew that not only have i fucked both of them but... i have also fucked their daughter too!

i danced my ass off

this weekend i danced my ass off. it was my friends birthday and we had so much fun, there was alot of guys there and all us girls had so much fun teasing them. not to mention it was a pj party so all the girls were dressed up in sexy nighties and men were in silk boxers and no shirts. it was a very sexy party with alot of people hooking up. i hooked up with this one guy he was hot, he fucked my pussy all night last night and i left him wanting more. i always leave them wanting more lol. so now here i am at 2:00am taking calls and wanting to have some fun with all of you. i wanted to thank chris for sending me a $200 victorias secret gift certificate, thank you sweety i will take pictures wearing what your gift certificate bought me. or maybe i will just take a picture totally naked wearing just the gift certificate. yeah thats what i will do! check your email the next couple of days for your hot picture. i went to school today, i dont attend school yet but i will in the fall. i figure i will make some money on here and party this summer and then go to school in the fall. im not a slacker i just figured since i just got out of school last year why not take a year off. sounds fair right? good i though so. okay im online so call me and lets have alot of fun.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

my date

i had a date with my friends father mark he is 54 years old but hot, i love older men. he is so sexy and has such a sexy voice he sounds so manly. we went out to dinner and then went to the movies, then we went back his place and he licked me like i have never been licked before. he had me on all fours and was licking my ass and my pussy, it was like his face was burried into my pussy and ass. then he would suck on my clit and flick it with his tounge and tounge fuck me. then i sucked his dick but it was so big i had trouble taking it all in, so he coached me through it and taught me to relax my throat so i could take it in. it was so good and his cock tasted yummy. he was so gental when he slid it in me, he gave me the tip and then the half of it and then after about 15mins he gave me all of it. we had sex for about two and a half hours but then i had to leave because my friend was coming home and if she caught me with her dad there would be alot of problems. not to mention his wife was due home any minute too. he said he has been wanting to fuck me for sometime now, and truthfully i could tell because he blew the biggest load i have ever seen. well if you want more details give me a call.

Monday, March 5, 2007

my shower date

i had a date last night with one of my older boy toys named tom. we went out to dinner and it was so funny cause the waiter told tom that he thought i was beautiful and wanted to know if he could call me sometime. lmao that is so funny. he told him if he took me out he would bring me home on time lol. i laughed so hard i cried, you know who that waiter thought tom was. lol then we went back to a motel and i took a shower while he sat on the toilet and jacked off, he loves to see me all wet and soapy. after he came he still didnt have enough he begged me to let his lick my sexy bald pussy and of cource as always i told him no. i just love to see an older man beg for young sweet pussy. poor tom when will he get it that my pussy is off limits but his wallet is not? lol silly loser!

Friday, March 2, 2007

hey guys

im home tonight even though it is a beautiful day. its warm and sunny and just a all around yummy day, you can tell this summer is going to be a hot one. im going out tommorow night to this new club called the blue martini so that is going o be so much fun. me and my girls are going to tease alot of men and just have alot of fun. maybe we will bring someone home with us, you never know with us girls. either we will bring someone home with us or just fuck each other lol. tonight is going to be a good night i can just tell because im very horny not to mention its the 2nd of the month and a friday night so it will be payday time. which means alot of losers and alot of money lol. well im here so call me and let me rock your world.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

busy naughty night

wow wee i had a night full of calls today. you guys must have been so horny today, i know i was as most of you could tell. im always horny and ready for a good phone bone lol. thanks for all the feedback i got from you all today, you guys showed me alot of love and i thank you very much. i also see alot of you have enjoyed my picture sets including the new one i added last night of me getting fucked. tonight i had alot of horny guys and alot of bitches that want to be dominated and their money taken, and you guys know me im always ready to take some losers money. ALWAYS! im on now because its too early to sleep plus i have a guy over and im going to get fucked again. i just love his cock its well over 9 inches and thick mmmm. maybe i will let you listen in while he pounds my pussy. i love it when he goes deep and fingers my clit while he fucks me hard and fast. ooooh im getting wet just talking about it, me and my viberator are waiting so call me.