Saturday, August 21, 2010

Crazy ptv night

So I have a new slave who is crazy for ptv with yours truly. This guy shall remain nameless unless he does not mind being named. I find that alot of my high paying guys dont like to be named on blogs. So for my wallets sake I dont name them. :) We started off with a few $20 ptv mails and ended with him spending over $3,000! I made him so weak and he loved every minute of it. Just as much as I loved seeing my account balance rise. I also had a few drive by tributes from an unknown slave. I have no idea why he sent me over $300 but he did. I messaged him on NF but he never answered. He just would send $10 buck tributes over and over. I never sent him a picture or anything. CRAZINESS! To be honest if I was you guys I would throw money at me too. *wink* So a few long time no see slaves came out to play tonight. One of them is about to call. He is an old cbt slave. He loved when I would punish his balls and cock with all sorts of fun around the house ojects. By the end of the call he was a swollen mess. LOL! I had a cuckold loser call me. He asked me why is it that women like me wont fuck men with short dicks. Is he serious? Yeah he was. So I hung up on him and made him send me a $25 dollar tribute for asking me such a dumb question. That must have excited him because we started playing raise the rate and $320 bucks later he was drained dry. Well I am off to bed after a very nice Friday back. Try not to miss me too much and if you do play my games and tribute.

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